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SENADEX + (plus)

The main substance, due to which the leaves of the senna act as laxatives and cleansing agents, are antraglycosides. When they enter the gastrointestinal tract, they begin to irritate the receptors of the mucous membrane and increase the motility of the colon. This improves and accelerates the withdrawal of waste products from the body.

This plant is an effective laxative. Senna leaves are a cleansing of the whole body from slags and toxins, which are often the main cause of the recruitment of excess weight.

No diet will be effective enough if the body is not cleared and its work will not come true. Therefore, the fight against overweight must begin with the removal of slags from the body. Only a clean intestine, a well-functioning liver and the entire gastrointestinal tract will allow the body to properly process useful substances and not accumulate extra pounds.

Despite the fact that the leaves of senna for weight loss are very effective, it is not worth abusing this remedy

In addition, the SENADEX + (plus) composition includes a stink that potentiates the action of the senna, it improves the intestinal motility and bile system, activates secretion of the digestive glands and smooth muscle activity of the uterus.

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Состав 1 таблетки: extract of leaves of the mushroom -50,0, oat seeding - 20,0, grass of the mother plant - 23,5; Auxiliary ingredients: microcrystalline cellulose - 76.6, corn starch - 100.0, gelatin - 42.0, vanilla - 0.4, lactose - 37.5.

Питательная (пищевая) ценность:proteins - 0 g (g) fat - 0, g (d) carbohydrates - 14,0 g (g).

Условия хранения:store in a package products in a dark room at a temperature below 25 0 C, relative humidity above 75%. Keep out of the reach of children.

Энергетическая ценность (калорийность): 52.5 kcal (kcal) / 219.6 kJ (kJ).

Форма выпуска:tablets of 350 mg (mg) ± 10%. Not a drug.

Срок годности: 2 years from the date of manufacture.

Способ применения

Рекомендации относительно потребления: dietary supplement to a diet that can be recommended as a source of biologically active substances; improves the digestive process, has mild laxative and vitro-specific properties. Dietary supplements should not be used as a substitute for a complete diet


Противопоказания: Individual sensitivity to the pregnant women during lactation, children under 14 years of liver disease in the acute stage.